Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ohhh Spring....

It's nearing that sad sad time again. For some, the end of ski season will be in a couple of weeks, for others a couple of months. Keeping your gear well stored over the off season helps it last for much longer. With our summer storage package you can protect your skis/boards from base damage, dry bases and rust. We will also give them an end of season tune and set them up for next season. Also included in this package is your first hot wax of next season!! All in all, it's a great deal and most of all, it's good for your gear.

Summer Storage
This includes a full clean, top, bottom, bindings and edges(rust).  Filling the nicks and scratches, stone grinding and texturing of the base, sharpening, bevelling, de-tuning and de-burring of the edges. We then apply a thin coat of hot wax to the base and immediately scrape off to pull any dirt from the pores and do one more base clean. A soft universal wax is then applied to protect the base from drying
out over the summer, wax is also coated on the edges to prevent rusting. After summer is over and the snow line drops further down the mountains, bring in your skis/board and we will scrape off the summer storage wax and apply a new coat of wax that will be scraped, brushed and ready to go for season opening.
$50 - with minor P-Tex                
$40 -without

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