Thursday, 2 January 2014

Team and Club Program

Here at Peak Ski and Snowboard we love what we do, waxing, repairing, tuning and just talking with our clients about being up in the mountains. It's been a successful start to the season for us and we are looking to get into custom work for Ski Teams, Clubs, School Outdoor Education and Clubs and Individual Athletes. Below you can find our basic information for this season.

Pray for snow

Team/Club/Athlete Program
Every individual, club or team has specific needs and we do our best to meet them. At PEAK we love
what we do, we are skiers and snowboarders, some with our own background in Alpine competition.
On a day-to-day basis we do our best to meet individuals needs and expectations. This year we would like to offer discounted rates to members of Ski Clubs/Teams, Individual Athletes and 
anyone enrolled in any level of schooling, who is involved in outdoor education/clubs or school
ski clubs.

· Pick up and Delivery
· Standard or Custom Waxing
· Edge Sharpening
· Base and Top Sheet Repairs
· End of season care and storage wax
· Rush at no extra charge(work load pending)
· Hot Box Waxing

All services are customized to each individual or clubs needs. Discounted rates are applied to 
anyone that qualifies to our programs, additional services can also be arranged, we at PEAK try 
to be as flexible as possible and we work hard to keep our customers happy. If you require any 
further information, please see the contact details below.

Thank you,


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter is Coming..Again!

Winter is finally on its way! With colder weather and the white slowly making its way down the mountains, its time to get excited for snow! We have updated our price list for the season and we can't wait to get you ready to play in the snow.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Shot Ski....why not?

Want your own custom shot ski/board? The sun is shining, the air is warm, do you need a new way to consume some great tequila? Taking custom orders now!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ohhh Spring....

It's nearing that sad sad time again. For some, the end of ski season will be in a couple of weeks, for others a couple of months. Keeping your gear well stored over the off season helps it last for much longer. With our summer storage package you can protect your skis/boards from base damage, dry bases and rust. We will also give them an end of season tune and set them up for next season. Also included in this package is your first hot wax of next season!! All in all, it's a great deal and most of all, it's good for your gear.

Summer Storage
This includes a full clean, top, bottom, bindings and edges(rust).  Filling the nicks and scratches, stone grinding and texturing of the base, sharpening, bevelling, de-tuning and de-burring of the edges. We then apply a thin coat of hot wax to the base and immediately scrape off to pull any dirt from the pores and do one more base clean. A soft universal wax is then applied to protect the base from drying
out over the summer, wax is also coated on the edges to prevent rusting. After summer is over and the snow line drops further down the mountains, bring in your skis/board and we will scrape off the summer storage wax and apply a new coat of wax that will be scraped, brushed and ready to go for season opening.
$50 - with minor P-Tex                
$40 -without

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Avalanches, Moving, Mt Baker Banked Slalom

With news of another avalanche death and dangerous S.A.R rescue at Cypress, it's time we all thought a little more about safety. I urge everyone to check with every time you think of venturing out of bounds. Take a course even, participate on discussions online or even help out by donation to a great service. The danger rating is extreme, top to bottom this weekend. Please be careful and don't put S.A.R in danger because you didn't pause to think before stemping under that line.

Check out this video compilation from the 2013 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. I didn't make it out this year, but it looked like a good one, with B.C's Maelle Ricker claiming it for the ladies snowboarders yet again. For more info

This is our last weekend in our temporary location. next weekend we will be open in our new large shop on the corner of Lickman Rd and Keith Wilson. Thank you all for your ongoing support and I hope to see you at the new location soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

No Excuses

Find a reason to go here this winter. You won't regret it.

After spending 6 years in Powder Paradise, this has so far been my first winter without Fernie since 2004. I still have time, and so do you! Fernie is an amazing all seasons destination, but it's probably best known for winter. Although the town has changed a lot in the last 10 years, much still remains the same. The skiing of course is incredible, the town has a very relaxed vibe and you really notice that no matter what your age or background, you all have at least something in common with one another. There's still time to take a ski vacation in the Kootenays this year, and who might be like many of the people who currently live there and not come back.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

What's happening this month

I'll start with the most exciting news, B.C Family day is Feb 11! Most ski hills in the province will have 50% off lift passes on the holiday Monday, this deal is for B.C residents only. Starting in 2 weeks, we will be re-opening at our renovated shop, tuning specials will be on for the last 2 weeks of the month, stay tuned!

To see what else is happening this month, be sure to check out the events pages below for some of your local mountains.

Hemlock Valley
Manning Park
Mt. Baker